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Coverage on SHOW

Below is news coverage on SHOW. There is a very nice article that will tell you pretty much everything about SHOW.

The show

On August 12 we had a very successful show. We have raised enough money for both of the water fountains at HALO. Below are the videos of the show. 

The Future

We are going to install the water fountains as soon as possible. Our goal is this month so we will update you when they are installed.

Shritha Reddy's Speech

Shritha Reddy's speech about SHOW at Racine Theatre Guild on Saturday August 12, 2017.

Entire video from August 12 show @ Racine Theatre Guild.

1h 18m of full entertainment from SHOW fundraiser.

Performances Include:

  Dance : Shritha Reddy, Priya M.

  Violin   : Lauren Waiss, Ellie Lutterman, 

                Sydney Peterson.

  Flute   : Emily Seeger

  MC      : Shreya Gundelly

  Vocal  : Srinithi Narayanan

My Story

My name is Shritha Reddy and I am a sixth grade student at the Prairie School. I participate in many different extracurricular activities, such as: dance , singing, playing the violin, and playing the flute. Watching my brother volunteer inspired me and made me want to do something to help others in my own unique manner as well. Thats when I got the idea to use my own talents in order to raise money for improving water resources in areas of need. I have performed on stage many times and will use that confidence to host Shows. YES, You heard it right !! SHOW host SHOWs.

This program started off as a simple idea when I was in the fourth grade. This year we have taken big steps and have become an official non-profit organization with the 501(c)(3) status. Achieving this status means that any and all the money donated to the organization is non-taxable and the donor can claim their donations on their tax returns. 

My journey with SHOW will continue to grow and expand, hopefully helping many more people along the way.

Warm Regards

Shritha Reddy, 6th Grade, Prairie School

C.L.A.S.S participant (Character, Leadership,Accountability, Service and Sustainability)

First place winner at CATS Idol (2015)

My Quotes

Quote from 1st grade:March 18, 2013

"You do a little thing,and it makes a big difference, but you just can't feel it."

Positive self talk : October 1, 2013

"Have a positive self talk to yourself when you are sad, afraid, mad or when your friend is being silly". This will help you make Happy , Strong and you don't express/show your madness even though you are mad.

Quote from 3rd grade: December 10, 2015

“ I believe that I’m capable of changing the outcome of the Future”

The quote on the picture(to the right) was from 4th grade, It was another student who shared the quote to the teacher and reminded Shritha of her own words.

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Helping us help others

We love to have more help and encourage others to be part of such a great cause!