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We will find every possible way to Start Helping Our Wateresources. - Shritha Reddy

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SHOW has much planned for the future. SHOW stands for Start Helping Our Wateresources. Our goals encompass everything from educating others about the importance of clean water to actually building clean water resources around us such as wells, filtration systems, etc. As we all know, many counties around the world are experiencing scarcity of pure, clean water. People are forced to walk miles just to access water that is not even clean. This unclean water, in turn affects their health. Even advanced countries, such as the United States, are now experiencing water quality issues. Flint, Michigan is an unfortunate example of this problem, where water pipes containing lead contaminated their water supply.

The residents there experienced lead poisoning and numerous children were endangered. I feel for their struggles, and am extremely surprised that issues like these can go on without action. SHOW wants to change that, and this is what drives SHOW forward. To kick start SHOW, I have already set up a candy and lemonade stands at a local business in Racine.


SHOW fundraisers

All the money we raise through SHOW will go towards building wells, water filters, and other projects. SHOW will be hosting larger fundraisers that will take place as shows in various locations throughout the US. I am planning to display the incredible talent of my friends and myself as well. My talents include flute, violin and classical Indian dance. We will have a small entry fee for the shows, which will be our primary source of revenue. I am confident that each show will go a long way towards helping those in need. These funds combined with the funds from the lemonade and candy stands will help us expand our reach.

SHOW Support

Once we have enough funds, SHOW will also support other establishments such as churches, schools, and other non-profit organizations that are in need of clean water and updated filtration systems. I also envision that one day, SHOW will provide research opportunities for students to develop self-sustained water filter systems to be implemented in placed of need around the world.


Shritha Reddy is a talented seventh grader at The Prairie School. She has merged her passion for helping others with her artistic talents to create SHOW (Start Helping Our Wateresources). SHOW is a non-profit 501(c)(3) set up to raise money to help improve water resources in areas of need. The primary source of funds will come from SHOWs organized by SHOW.


We will find every possible way to Start Helping Our Wateresources

– Shritha Reddy


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