What Drives us?

Seeing so many people in need is the reason the SHOW nonprofit started.

What drives us? Seeing so many people in need is the reason I started SHOW Inc. We may think that everything looks green today, and will stay green forever, but when you read the following article you will understand!!

Chennai floods nonproft help

A man carries a dog and wades through a flooded street in Chennai. AP Photo | Credit: The Indian Express

Here is a real story of my own. The Chennai floods in India affected my friends and their families. Their house were flooded and much damage was done. The first floor was completely submerged and they had no access to electricity or clean water for days. There was obviously plenty of water around them but all of it was contaminated. When they ran out of water they couldn’t buy any more because all of the stores around them were also flooded as well. Almost all of their belongings were either wet or gone. What message does this story tell – the Chennai floods were very destructive and affected thousands of people. This could happen to any of us or our neighborhoods, so Start Helping Our Wateresources.

Clean water is vital for Animals

As we all know, water is not only important to humans, but also to other animals around us. Clean water is integral for good health and diet. Some animals live in the water, but if there is acid present in that water animals will die. This could lead to fatal diseases and some of the animals may be endangered or even go extinct. There are several TV shows where organizations help revive populations of endangered animals. This is not easily done and it is definitely not cheap. Our organization is going to address the root cause of this and help animals that depend on clean water. Every living organism needs water so, Start Helping Our Wateresources.

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